About Us

Our Mission

We understand that in our everyday hectic lives everyone needs a place to relax, feel valued, and taken care of. Therefore, we strive to provide an exceptional salon experience for our guests, so they feel heard, know they are appreciated, and leave fully confident from their services received. This is achieved by providing our team with professional tools and confidence through an environment of continual learning and personal growth. We also believe in regularly giving back to the community through events, workshops, training, and in a variety of ways as it is essential to our long-term growth as a company, a team, and individuals.

We strive to listen and understand what our guests are looking for so we can achieve the desired results. With this in mind, if we “miss the mark”, we offer a 7 day re-do at no additional cost to you.

Our Values

We are committed to honesty to ourselves, our guests, and each other as we understand the vital importance of being authentic. We foster an environment of direct, professional feedback and guidance for our guests as they have entrusted us with our ability and care, and trust that our offerings are genuine. We believe that explicit communication builds implicit trust.

We believe in greeting everyone in a welcoming atmosphere to provide them with a positive experience. Since each person has and brings value and we respect each person’s uniqueness, we foster an environment of appreciation, belonging, and a voice in decision making. We embrace diversity in thoughts, ideas, and spirit and are committed to continued connections for the best services for our guests.

We encourage a culture of being open to other thoughts and approaches for not only personal growth but also effective relationships. We promote a non-judgmental environment of another person’s way of believing, living, and doing. We value individuality and have a culture of diversity to encourage understanding, acceptance, and a safe environment for all.

We provide a wealth of resources to our team ranging from continuing education and workshop opportunities, self-development, goal setting, and opportunities to give back to the community. We believe that this instills loyal, committed employees who are dedicated to giving an exceptional salon experience to each and every guest.

We desire an environment of team members who are willing to lend a hand, are eager to help, are open and ready, can change their mindset if necessary, and have a passion to learn. In this growth-oriented atmosphere, our guests benefit from a forward-thinking environment and comfort of knowing the stylists are well-trained in emerging trends and progressive styles.


Established in 2000

Wild Hare Salon was established in November of 2000 at 224 South State Street in Marengo by Carrie Risse.   In 2011,  Wild Hare purchased the building at 206 South State Street, which is 6 doors north of the previous salon and moved the hair salon to that location.

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